MODX Club is a showcase for websites made in the MODX Content Management Framework to provide inspiration and highlight its limitless flexibility.

Share and Explore sites made in MODX

What is MODX Club?

MODX Club is created for the people to showcase websites made with MODX, and help other people to see what they are doing with MODX on their websites.

How to add my MODX website?

Visit MODX site submission page and fill out the form. Once submitted, your site will be reviewed and if it meets the quality requirements, it will be published. Now DO NOT get discouraged about "Minimum Quality" word, there are not hard and fast rules but your site has to be functional, working and visually decent. So, you ready to submit yours? Click here.

What is MODX?

MODX began in late 2004 out of the desire to have an extendible content management system on which to build standards compliant websites that perform exceptionally well in search engines. And now, it's used on every continent where penguins don't outnumber humans.

In laymen's terms, MODX helps even regular individuals manage content on their websites simply, quickly and intuitively. For the geek-elite, MODX is an Open Source PHP web application framework with a capable built-in Content Management System (CMS).?

Run by a talented group of individuals that's adamant about not creating YAPS, they strive to keep MODX flexible and restriction-free so developers, designers and webmasters can build sites that match their vision exactly. For end users, constant effort is maintained to make the interface approachable and easy to understand.

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